Fish 'n Chips

Fish 'n Chips are a staple in the UK and now you can have them worldwide! Simply order your favorite fish sandwich. Make sure and ask for extra tartar sauce. Everything is better with more tartar sauce!

Also, order a large fries because you can use the extra fries to lick up the sauce that spills out the sides. This is pure Fish 'n Chips magic! FISH ON!


IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0761 IMG_0762
1. Open up the filet 'o fish or whaler of your choice...        2. Grab some fries and start pilin' them on...       3. Replace the top bun...    4. Engage the fish 'n chips...   
IMG_0761 IMG_0762    
5. Note the sauce spillin' over...         6. Now that's a perfect catch!            

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