The McNugget Burger

“I want a chicken finger-food the size of your thumb. Can you do it?” said McDonald’s Chairman Fred Turner to one of his suppliers in 1979. This request set in motion the invention of the McNugget, a small piece of reconstituted chicken that is held together by stabilizers, breaded, fried, refrozen, and then reheated. Introduced nationwide in 1983, Chicken McNuggets quickly made McDonald’s the second largest purchaser of chicken after KFC.

--- "Fast Food Nation"
Eric Schlosser

The McNuggetBurger is not very complicated. It lacks the originality of something like the Fry Dog, but it is a necessary building block upon which other creations will come. Just as it is unwise to build a house without a foundation, it is unwise to have Fast Food Fever without The McNugget Burger.

We begin this creation with a disclaimer: We do not reccommend anyone under five attempt this creation, as there *is* a small choking hazard with the nuggets. If you attempt this creation at another fast food chain, as was once written on the side of a Natural Light beer can, your results may vary in consistency, color, and taste.

IMG_0717 IMG_0718 IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0721
1. Start with your standard ... 2. Seperate the top bun... 3. Place the nuggets on...
4. Note that with three nuggets... 5. Return the bun to its original...
6. Before you dig in... 7. Dig in!
8. Note that a good bite  

The foundation to most fast food meals is the cheeseburger. It has seen many incarnations over the years, and has remained a popular favorite. The introduction of the McNugget in 1983 was nothing short of a revolution. The chicken nugget, in its myriad forms, is now a mainstay of any fast food chain, and often on the "kids" menu at more *respectable* restaraunts.

Fast Food Fever brings both these classic foods together in a tasty treat that will leave you asking for more...