Pop 'n Taco

Fast Food Fever - Pop 'n Taco!

The Pop'n Taco is a simple creation--KFC meets Taco Bell. The mexican influence combined with the Colonel's deep fried southern goodness creates a delicate mixture of high end cuisine. You'll need a chicken or beef taco and some popcorn chicken to complete this masterpiece.


a b c d e
1. Start with the chicken soft taco...  2. Open up that sucker...  3. Pour on the hot sauce...      4. Next approach the Popcorn chicken with caution...      5. Place the popcorn chicken into place...      
f g h i j
6. Grasp firmly!        7. BITE!        8. My god that's good!        9. It's great with beef...       10. And perfect to the last bite.     

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