Twice Baked Potato

Fast Food Fever - Twice Baked Potato

Fast Food Fever's mission is to find new tastes in the same old fast food. My personal goal is to add some sophistication to fast food creations, as evidenced by the Surf 'n Turf. Our latest creation is a twice-baked potato--just like Mom used to make, but without the muss and fuss. Heck, we don't bake them once, much less twice!

All you need for this concoction is a baked potato, a few fries, and that packet of sour cream-like substance they give you. Cut the potato out of the skin and drop it into the lid of the potato container, and set aside the skin for later. Then, break a few french fries on top of the the baked potato innards, and squeeze in some sour cream. Take two knives, and cut the whole mess together, then pour it all back into the skin. Voila! You have the Twice-Baked Potato. Some people have suggested adding ketchup or barbecue sauce for color, but it's very tasty as-is.

A special thanks to Maya for the idea, and Jake executing it to the potato!

IMG_1131 IMG_1134 IMG_1141 IMG_1145 IMG_1152
1. Once baked...         2. Scoop...         3. Stir and stir...         4. Imagine fries...         5. Chop and go...        
IMG_1153 IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1156 IMG_1157
6. The not so secret sauce... 7. SQUIRT!         8. What a dollup!         9. Stir it up...         10. Pour it on.        
IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1160 IMG_2412 IMG_2415
11. Mash and...         12. Mash again...         13. Hmmm...        14. What have I done?        15. AMAZING!