Kiwiburger - The Kiwi Project

Kiwiburger - The Kiwi Project
As any Fast Food Fever fan knows, one of the first destinations when one arrives in an exotic locale is, of course, McDonalds. There's a special something at the Golden Arches; they have a way of distilling local culture into one sandwich - the McLobster in New England, for example.

The furthest-flung Fast Food Fever correspondents to date weren't disappointed in New Zealand. We found the most unique fast food sandwich ever created outside the kitchens of Fast Food Fever: the Kiwiburger. It was almost as if FFF had consulted on the recipe for this one.
Back off, environmentalists: the Kiwiburger does not contain the ground meat of the severely endangered New Zealand national bird. "Kiwi" is an all -purpose prefix to describe all things NZ - what we have here is simply the national burger. The recipe is inspired by the Kiwi salad, a delicacy you can find in any restaurant. A Kiwi salad traditionally contains lettuce, ham, boiled egg, and cooked red beets (we found Kiwi cuisine in general to be unfortunately quasi-British). For the purposes of the burger, the ham is replaced by a full-fledged McDonalds all-beef patty, and the egg is fried in that perfect round shape that we Americans know from any of the McDs breakfast sandwiches. Believe it or not, the beet makes it intact into the stack.

The textural experience as one bites down through beet, burger, and egg is astonishing. The flavor combinations are riotous yet composed. The beet makes such perfect sense that we were left wondering why we hadn't thought of this first. There certainly is no more colorful burger. And we're sure that this is the most nutritious meal one can find between two buns - protein, vitamins, iron from the beet - how could this be topped?

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A note on the packaging: McDonalds apparently believes it can wind its way into the hearts of Kiwis (that's the word NZers use to describe themselves) by composing a nonsensical song, written on the box, which places the Kiwiburger in a laundry list of unique NZ cultural icons. We're sure that the Kiwiburger is just as important to Kiwis as Mount Cook and the All Blacks rugby team. Ah, McDonalds, ever the cultural ambassador.

We suspect that FFFers everywhere will be sneaking cooked beets into their local Maccy Ds (as they call it down under) everywhere to give this treat a try.

A special thanks to John Magee for this story.