The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is something new for Fast Food Fever. We intended to make new creations on our trip to London, but ended up stumbling upon an exciting
discovery thanks to our cashier friend, Phoenix.

It started out innocent enough. We went to KFC and asked for popcorn chicken. At first we had no idea the luck Phoenix had bestowed upon us. However, as we
sampled the chicken we realized it was amazing--there was something different. Upon further examination, we began to suspect the pieces in London were bigger than the popcorn chicken pieces in the United States. So on our return to the United States we decided to do an official comparison. Our results follow!


a b c d e
1. Start in London near Leister very drunk...        2. Note the larger menus and better pictures...        3. The menus are amazing...and mezmorizing...        4. Get the cashier named Phoenix...her chicken is the best.      5. Note how large and round the nuggets are...     
f g h i j
6. This is the biggest popcorn chicken we've seen - UK RULES!         7. Look how happy we are...      8. Even the regular KFC is amazin'!     9. Now we enter the US - Menu sucks...        10. Will the US Popcorn chicken be as good?       
k l m n o
11. Looks like a mess...        12. The popcorn chicken seems well - small... 13. It is small!      14. The taste test...    15. That is not nearly as good as the popcorn chicken in the UK!